History of Handmade Sami Bracelets

The Sami roaming clans in the north of Scandinavia have a rich and antiquated local culture. Reindeer rearing and living in a cold however yet wonderful and puzzling nature are portions of their conventions. The Sami handiwork, The Duodji, is notable for it’s excellent ethnic style with solid hues in weaved strips and furthermore weavings and adornments made of spun silver/pewter wire. Etching materials as reindeer horn, pewter and silver is likewise part of the Duodji, for the most part for making adornments, knifes or inside enrichment. The examples are regularly enlivened by the antiquated shaman drums likewise called “Trolltrumma”. Our Sami arm ornaments are made in the customary TINDRA PIC copyDuodji way. On a base of reindeer cowhide, plaits of spun pewter/silver wire (on the left). The weaved things regularly have a base of privately made bubbled fleece (on the right). The pearls utilized for specific things are either silver pearls or Swarowski shaded pearls. The wire of pewter contains 4% of silver, which gives the sparkling patina to your armlet following a year or two. Keeping your wrist trinket out of water will enable you to keep it for an extremely significant time-frame.

Handmade Sami Bracelets by bLeoZ

This stylish women’s bracelet by bLeoZ is a fun and easy way to elevate a casual outfit. The neutral black beads can be worn with any color scheme to create a polished look. Each crystal bead has cut edges to catch the light and sparkle brilliantly. The versatile 7.5 inch bracelet chain is roomy enough to be comfortable, but won’t fall off of your wrist. The barrel clasp provides a sleek closure for a seamless finish. The brilliant silver pewter wire is sure to catch everyone’s eye. This handmade piece is unique, creative and constructed from quality materials.

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