Kallax Sami Bracelets

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Kallax Sami Bracelet from Sweden is an elegant bracelet offers a stylish look for any occasion, This luxuriously handcrafted jewelry is called Sami craft and it is a time-honored Swedish tradition since the 1600s. The jewelry collection includes over a hundred different unique designs that continue to expand. Every piece is unique and is for both men and woman to wear for both everyday and special occasions.

  • Genuine reindeer leather
  • Braids in the pewter wire that contains 4% silver and is nickel-free
  • Unique reindeer antler button as closure
  • The closure loop is made of twisted genuine leather
  • Handmade in Sweden
  • For the correct size, measure the wrist then add 1.5 cm
  • Width: 2 cm , delivery 5-10 working days

These timeless treasures will with time and wear turn into a beautiful sparkling piece of jewelry and become even more attractive. We preserve this beautiful craft as well as bringing this exclusive jewelry into a new fashion dimension by continuing to develop bespoke designs.

Kallax Sami Bracelet from Sweden, jewelry is made using the highest quality selected material such as Reindeer leather, Pewter wire, gold wire, copper wire, colored wire, and leather cord. Sterling 925 Silver pearls, gold plated pearls and glass pearls. The pewter wire contains 4% silver and is nickel-free. The button on bracelets and necklaces is made of horn from the reindeer´s antlers.

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  1. Nicolas Lecocq

    The reindeer leather is very soft and rich in color. The braid work is exquisite! Very subtle sparkle, not showy. Just a perfect balance of elegance.

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